Candy Heart Science

We did an experiment with candy hearts.  What happens when we put candy hearts with cider vinegar?

First, the hearts made bubbles.

Next, the hearts melted a little.

Then, the hearts changed colers.

Finally, the hearts made powder on the bottom.

I am still wondering what it will do if you left it for a week.



I Am From Poem

Where I’m From

I am from the guinea pig cage. From the TV and toys.

I am from a white house with a white door and garage.

I am from scented candles, the grill, and the cooking that my Grammy does.

I am from watermelon, steak, and broccoli.

I am from visiting my Meme every Monday, cutting down a tree every year, and loud Friday and Saturday nights with Grandpa and my aunt.

I am from “Get the show on the road!” and “Let’s get a move on it!”

I am from Pickle Things and Bad Kitty Gets a Bath. From the first time my guinea pig died.

I am from Boscawen, NH, U.S.A.

I am from doing something on my mom’s birthday.